The core curriculum applies to all programs under the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics. Completing the core curriculum satisfies the requirements for the Certificate. Students completing an MS degree need to take cognate courses in addition to the core curriculum. Note that students in the Geoinformatics MS and the Health Informatics MS need to take specific courses in the core curriculum as noted below. Students completing a PhD will have courses in addition to the core curriculum assigned by their doctoral committee. All students should track their progress in the core curriculum using the plan of study worksheet for core courses.

Core Courses

Programming (2 courses)


CS:5110 - Introduction to Informatics

One of the following:

CS:3010 - Software Engineering Fundamentals - Java

CS:3210 - Programming Languages and Tools

CS:3980 - Topics in Computer Science I

GEOG:5055 - Geospatial Programming (req for Geoinformatics students)

Statistics (1 course)

STAT:4143 – Introduction to Statistical Methods 

BIOS:4120 – Introduction to Biostatistics (required for Health Informatics students)

Data Science (1 course)

BAIS:6480 – Knowledge Discovery

STAT:4540 – Statistical Learning (take after completing Statistics requirement)  

Or additional approved courses listed every semester. 

Databases (1 course)

CS:4400 – Database Systems

GEOG:4580 – Geographic Databases (req for Geoinformatics students)

Human Factors (1 course)

CS:4500 – Research Methods in HCI 

CS:4510 – Human-Computer Interaction for CS

GEOG:5540 – Geographic Visualization (req for Geoinformatics students)


CS:5980 - Computing Research Ethics