Forms Applicable to All students

Course substitution
Transfer credit

Plan of Study Forms

For Students Under Revised Curriculum (mostly starting on or after Fall 2021)

All students need to track core course requirements. MS and PhD students need to add one additional tracking form corresponding to their program.

Core Course Requirements (apply to Certificate, MS, and PhD)

Geoinformatics MS (also applies to U2G Geoinformatics program)

Health Informatics MS

Health Informatics MS/PharmD

Human-Computer Interaction MS


For Students Under Legacy Subprograms (mostly starting before Fall 2021)
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Certificate, MS, PhD


Certificate, MS, U2G MSPhD

Health Informatics

Certificate, MS, MS/PharmD, PhD

Information Science

Certificate, MS, PhD

IGPI PhD Exam Forms