Health Informatics MS Academic Plan of Study

Please check the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College for a complete description of the M.S. guidelines and requirements of the Graduate College. The requirements described here are in addition to the university-wide requirements for master’s degrees.

The M.S. program in the Health Informatics Subprogram offers an M.S. thesis/non-thesis option and requires completion of a minimum of 32 course semester hours beyond the bachelor’s degree with at least 18 of the 32 hours satisfying the requirements of the Certificate in Informatics.

Please note: Students wishing to pursue an independent study (IGPI:5015, IGPI:6515 or IGPI:6510) with a University of Iowa faculty member may refer to the Independent Study guidelines on the Informatics website.

M.S. Non Thesis – Final Exam Procedures

The student will need to fill out the Graduate College plan of study form, have it signed by the advisor and send it to the IGPI program coordinator (

M.S. Thesis – Final Exam Procedures

The student must follow the Graduate College requirements, guidelines and complete the appropriate forms.  The forms are sent to the IGPI program coordinator for review prior to submitting to the Graduate College.

  1. The student in conjunction with his/her adviser will set up a committee of at least three U of I faculty members who are sufficiently familiar with his/her coursework.
    • a. At least two of the faculty members must be members of the UI tenure-track faculty
    • b. At least two of the faculty members are from the major department (defined as formally appointed to the program) and are members of the tenure-track faculty.
    • c. The final committee will be approved by the director of the Subprogram. 

    2.   A meeting will be scheduled during which the student is asked to make a brief presentation that summarizes the knowledge acquired in the program or defend their thesis.