Program Prerequisites

Applicants are expected to have 6 hours of undergraduate work in computer science and/or informatics and 6 hours in biology (covering genetics, molecular biology and evolution). Following are preferred prerequisites to application for the program:

Prerequisites (undergraduate course semester hours or equivalent in)

Introductory Programming 3 Introductory Physics 3
Interm Programming/Algorithms 3 Calculus 3
Basic Biology          6 Statistics 3
Introductory Genetics 3    

Students may take all or some of these prerequisite courses to make up for any deficiencies in undergraduate preparation. Work experience may be considered as meeting some of these prerequisite requirements, as determined by the UI Academic Affairs Committee.

After admission, students lacking 6 hours of programming coursework are required to take 6 hours from the following:

IGPI/CS:5110 Intro to Informatics (Fall) 3
CS:3210                  Programming Languages and Tools (Fall and Spring)      3
IGPI/ECE:3330 Intro to Software Design (Fall) 3

Please note: A grade of B- or better is required.

After admission, students lacking 6 hours of bioscience coursework are required to take the following courses:

BIOL:1411 Foundations of Biology (undergraduate level; no grad credit awarded) 3
IGPI/BIOL:5211 Genes, Genomes and Human Condition (graduate level course) 3

Course Requirements for the PhD and M.S. Programs

PhD students are required to complete 72 semester hours (37 semester hours of coursework). M.S. students are required to have 31 semester hours of coursework.

Core Bioinformatics (9 s.h. for PhD; choose 12 s.h. for M.S.)

*IGPI/CS:5110 Introduction to Informatics (Fall) 3
IGPI/BIOL:4213 Bioinformatics (Fall) 3
IGPI/BME:5321 Bioinformatics Techniques (Fall) 3
IGPI/BME:5330 Computational Genomics (Spring) 3
* IGPI/BIOL:5211 Genes, Genomes & Human Cond Grad Lecture (or equiv.) 3
BME:4310 Computational Biochemistry (Fall) 3

Core Genetics (3 s.h. required for PhD; possible elective for M.S.)

BIOL:5412 Fundamental Genetics (Fall)          3

Core Biology (3 s.h. required for PhD; possible elective for M.S.)

BIOL:3713 Molecular Genetics (Fall) 3
IGPI/BIOL:4373 Molecular Evolution (Spring) 3

Core Informatics (3 s.h. required for PhD only)

IGPI/ECE:5331 Graph Algorithms & Combinatorial Optimization (Spring) 3

Required (6 s.h. for PhD students; 1 s.h. for M.S. students)

ENGR:7270 Engineering Ethics (Fall) 1

Grad Statistics (6 s.h. for PhD and M.S.)

* IGPI/BIOS:5510 Biostatistical Computing 2
* IGPI/BIOS:7600 Advanced Biostatistics Seminar 1-3
IE:6760 Pattern Recognition for Financial Data 3
IGPI/BIOS:5120 Regression & ANOVA in Health Sciences 3

Electives (12 s.h. for PhD and M.S)

Choose from any upper-level Bioinformatics classes (3 s.h. each)

GENE:7191 Human Molecular Genetics 3
** IGPI/BIOL:5211 Genes, Genomes, & Human Cond Grad Lecture 3
IGPI/BIOL:3314 Genomics 3
CS:4720 Optimization Techniques 3
CS:5620 Distributed Systems and Algorithms 3
CS:5350 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
IGPI/ECE:5450 Machine Learning 3
IE:6211 Human Factors in Healthcare Systems 3
BIOL:3172 Evolution 4
CS:4400 Database Systems 3
CS:4420 Artificial Intelligence 3
IGPI/BIOS:5120 Regression & ANOVA in Health Sciences 3

* For M.S. students  ** For PhD students