Bioinformatics Certificate Tracking Form

The Certificate in Informatics with an emphasis in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology is open to graduate students in good standing, and applicants to the non-degree program, who wish to complement their own disciplinary studies with foundational and applied knowledge in informatics. Students must complete a minimum of 21 semester hours.

Students entering this program come from many diverse areas of science with grounding in engineering, the physical sciences, mathematics, or biological/life sciences. Independent of prior degree and specialization, it is essential that students pursuing the Certificate in Informatics with an emphasis in bioinformatics and computational biology have an appropriate background in mathematics and statistics.

The Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics is built on a flexible curriculum and includes the study of core and elective courses in the biological sciences, informatics, and bioinformatics which augment the coursework in a primary disciplinary Ph.D. Degree Program.

Depending on the disciplinary orientation of the student, courses selected for the certificate should be made in consultation with the appropriate curricular committee.

Plans for the Certificate in Informatics may not completely substitute for coursework or examinations required within the requirements of the disciplinary degree program. A minimum of 9 semester hours of coursework must be completed independently from other degree requirements.

Course Requirements for the Bioinformatics Certificate Program

Certificate students are required to have 21 semester hours of coursework, depending on background, comprised of the following courses:

Core Courses 9 s.h. (Required)
IGPI/CS:5110                Introduction to Informatics (Informatics Core) (Fall) 3
IGPI/BIOL:4213 Bioinformatics (Bioinformatics Core) (Fall) 4
BIOL:5412 Fundamental Genetics (Biosciences Core) (Fall) 3


Bioinformatics Courses 6 s.h. (Select two)
IGPI/BME:5321                   Bioinformatics Techniques (Fall)                                      3
IGPI/BME:5330 Computational Genomics (Spring) 3
BME:4310 Computational Biochemistry (Fall) 3


Electives (ONE (or TWO) required courses – 3 (or 6) s.h.***)

Please note: Advisors may require TWO electivs (one informatics elective AND one bioscience elective). 

  • Informatics Elective (see the following list)     3 s.h.
  • Bioscience Elective (see the following list)      3 s.h.

Informatics Electives

CS:3210                Programming Languages and Tools: Programming with C++
CS:3210 Programming Languages and Tools: Programming with Java
CS:4400 Database Systems
CS:4340 Limits of Computation
CS:4420 Artificial Intelligence
CS:4720 Optimization Techniques
CS:4700 High Performance and Parallel Computing
CS:5800 Fundamentals of Software Engineering
CS:5810 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
CS:5820 Software Engineering Languages and Tools
CS:4980 Topics in CS I/II (graduate courses)
CS:5350 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
IGPI/SLIS:6100 Database Management
IGPI/STAT:3120 Probability and Statistics
IGPI/STAT:3100 Intro to Mathematical Statistics I
IGPI/STAT:3101 Intro to Mathematical Statistics II
IGPI/STAT:3200 Applied Linear Regression
IGPI/STAT:4100 Mathematical Statistics I
IGPI/STAT:4101 Mathematical Statistics II
IGPI/STAT:5200 Applied Statistics I
IGPI/STAT:5400 Computing in Statistics
IGPI/GEOG:3540 Introduction to Geographic Visualization


Biosciences Electives

BIOL:3172             Evolution
GENE:6150 Genetic Analysis of Biological Systems
GENE:7191 Human Molecular Genetics