The purpose of this dual degree is to provide an opportunity for professional students in the UI College of Pharmacy to receive formal training in Health Informatics in addition to training in pharmacotherapy and healthcare. Students completing the dual degree will receive an M.S. non-thesis in Informatics (Health Informatics – Pharmacy) from the Graduate College and a PharmD from the College of Pharmacy. Students will develop special expertise in information technology, including management of electronic health records, health information exchange standards, electronic prescribing, medication management, decision support, and other competencies.


The Master’s in Informatics with a cognate in health informatics/PharmD requires a total of 19 semester hours of core courses are required (shared with the Ph.D.; beware of specific core courses required for this cognate), with an additional 6 semester hours of courses in health informatics, and 9 semester hours cross-counted with Pharmacy.

The requirements described here are in addition to the University-wide requirements for Master's degrees described in the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College, Section X. 

Students should use the core courses plan of study worksheet and the additional health informatics/PharmD worksheet below.

Health Informatics MS/PharmD plan of study worksheet (use in addition to core courses worksheet)

Select 6 s.h. from the following options:

EPID:4400 - Epidemiology I

CS:4470 - Health Data Analytics

BIOS:5120 - Regression & ANOVA in Health Sciences

IGPI:5220 - Public health informatics

BIOC:3310 - Practical Data Science & Bioinformatics (recommended for students with biology backgrounds) 

BIOL:4213 - Bioinformatics (recommended for students with biology backgrounds) 

BME:5320 - Bioinformatics Techniques (recommended for students with biology backgrounds) 

Select 9 s.h. from the PharmD curriculum to be cross-counted from the following options:

PHAR:8209 - IPPE Hospital (3 s.h.) 

PHAR:8250 - Applications Pharmacy Practice I (2 s.h.) 

PHAR:8265 - IP: Applications of Pharmacy Practice II (2 s.h.) 

PHAR:8374 - Applications Pharmacy Practice III (2 s.h.)

PHAR:8378 - Pharmacy Law and Ethics (2 s.h.)


Admission decisions are based on prior academic performance, letters of reference, and the applicant's statement about background and purpose. Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate College; see the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College. For more information, see the PhD and MS admissions page and the page with specific admissions information for the MS/PharmD.