Human-computer interaction studies the design, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computer systems for humans, as well as the wider impact of technology on society. Human-computer interaction researchers are credited with developing early ideas on graphical user interfaces, the use of hyperlinks, information visualization, smart homes, mobile touchscreen devices, gamification, and social media analysis. The field is one of the fastest growing areas in computing. These trends are not surprising given how pervasive computing has become in current society; we need professionals and researchers interested in designing, developing, and understanding technology with human-centered approaches. The MS in Informatics with a cognate in human-computer interaction is a non-research, course-based program for students who wish to enhance their careers with advanced knowledge of informatics and human-computer interaction.


The Master’s in Informatics with a cognate in human-computer interaction requires a total of 31 semester hours beyond the bachelor’s degree. A total of 19 semester hours of core courses are required (shared with the Ph.D.), with an additional 12 semester hours of human-computer interaction courses.

The requirements described here are in addition to the University-wide requirements for Master's degrees described in the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College, Section X. 

Students should use the core courses plan of study worksheet and the additional  human-computer interaction worksheet below.

Human-Computer Interaction MS plan of study worksheet (use in addition to core courses worksheet)

Take the two courses below: 

PSY:3060 – Visual perception and cognition (Spring, may not be offered every year) or another cognitive psychology course approved by the Program Director 

PSQF:6243 - Intermediate Statistical Methods (Fall and Spring) or another statistics course focused on methods relevant to experimental design and analysis approved by the Program Director 

Select one of the following: 

ISE:6211 – Human factors in healthcare systems  

ISE:6220 – Cognitive Engineering 

Another approved HCI elective in consultation with Director (e.g., Topics II courses in CS) 

Select one of the following: 

CS:4510 – Human-Computer Interaction for Computer Science (if student has not taken CS:2520 and has not taken CS:4510 for the core) 

CS:4500 – Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction (if student has not taken CS:4500 for the core) 


Admission decisions are based on prior academic performance, letters of reference, and the applicant's statement about background and purpose. Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate College; see the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College. For more information, see the PhD and MS admissions page.